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About Golden Water USA

What inspires you? For the creators of Golden Water USA, we are motivated by making it easier to access high-quality and safe drinking water. Our purified and alkaline waters are more than the essential hydration, they support our mission and story.

During the pandemic, we struggled to find water in the Los Angeles, California area. Golden Water USA is the result of these trials, as we believe wholeheartedly that creating the best water available through an intense purification process that removes impurities in water, and is packaged in the best plastic bottles, will last you longer.

While we provide purified and alkaline water, we’re also less wasteful. That is why we created our signature scratchable label, which lets you make your water bottle unique so that you always know that it’s yours. The high-quality bottles in both our 16.9 FL OZ, 11.9 FL OZ, and 128 FL OZ bottles make them long-lasting and less wasteful.

From purification to the bottling process to the moment you unscrew the cap and take your first refreshing sip, you’ll see why Golden Water USA takes pride in being the best high-quality water brand.

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