Highest Quality

Get best quality Alkaline Water near me with all natural healthy beverages. We ensure highest purity, best taste and reasonable price.

Perfect Bottling

We use highest quality food grade bottles that ensures best preservation of the natural Alkaline Water USA inside with its beverages and taste.

Home Delivery

We know how important ionized alkaline water USA is for you. So, we want to reach it to your place safely and timely without charging anything extra.

The Story of Golden Water

Golden Water is one of the best alkaline water brands USA that produce and deliver natural Alkaline Water in USA. We have plants with latest machineries and source of mineral enrich water to produce best quality alkaline bottled water USA. With years of experience in the core business, we know what people like and which is scientifically best alkaline water USA and thus we produce ionized Alkaline Water USA that people love the most.

Why People Trust Our Natural Alkaline Water USA

We have one of the widest networks raw natural alkaline water suppliers and have our own courier facilities across our target market. That’s why we can produce and pack best quality Alkaline Water with widest variety and can deliver it anywhere within our service area promptly.

Why It’s So Healthy & Tasty

We know the actual science behind natural alkaline water USA and also we care about the health of our customers. So, we process our water using latest machineries to ensure perfect pH balance and presence of electrolytes for taste. We also add researched quantity of Himalayan pink rock salt to make our ionized alkaline water USA healthy and more tasty and that’s the secret behind being our water uniquely tasty.

Golden Water



There are factories that have highest trust on our Alkaline Water.

Pharmacy & Gas Stations

Hundreds of pharmacies and gas stations order their monthly water need.


Several offices in our service area place bulk order of Alkaline Water.


We deliver alkaline water to homes and all businesses.

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We know every customer has their own demand of taste, quality and quantity. So, we provide a variety of alkaline bottled water USA of various size. We sterilize all the bottles properly before packaging and ensures proper sealing to preserve the quality of the water for longer time. Have a look why people love and trust us the most:

  • Best Quality with Perfect pH Balance
  • Presence of Electrolytes and Himalayan Rock Salt
  • High Quality Food Grade Bottle of Different Size
  • Reasonable Price with Home Delivery Option